Artificial Intelligence for Genomics

January 20th - April 13th

Application Deadline December 15th 2019

Artificial Intelligence is the next big player in Genomics and your career. 

Are you a graduate student or a recent graduate with experience in Genomics and interested in Artificial Intelligence?

12 week program.PNG

12 Week Program


Inclusive to all areas of Genomics


Fundamentals of building machine learning models for a Genomics project

What you gain from the program

  • Capability to read a Machine Learning Genome paper and understand it

  • Know the standard structures of data to be used with Machine Learning tools

  • Methodologies to discover and validate problems

  • Propose a potential application of Machine Learning within a Genomics Project 

  • Basic understanding of Human-AI Interaction

  • Ethics of AI

  • Working as a team to develop ML solutions & cash prizes for top three projects

12 Week Journey

Week 1 


  • Meet Partners

  • Meet Cohort

  • Python Primer

Week 2-3 

ML Genomics

  • Current areas of interest

  • ML Boot camp

  • How can AI be used in LS

Week 4 

Week 5 


  • Data discovery

  • Accessing data quality

  • Data Cleaning

  • Data storage

  • Different data modalities 


  • Need validation Human AI Interaction ethically designed

Week 6-11 

Week 12


Demo Day

  • Work with Genome Project to make sense of data and gather insights.

  • Prototyping 

  • Demo of projects

  • Networking with ecosystem players


Sydney Swaine Simon

AI District Fellow and Cofounder of Neurotech X.


Mahzad Sharifahmadian

Life Sciences Fellow


Joseph Paul Cohen

Program Scientific Advisor, Postdoctoral Fellow, Mila, University of Montreal


 Ahmad Pesaranghader

Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Montreal Heart Institute and Mila

Mila2019-09-13_HR_credMaryseBoyce_9608 c

Paul Bertin

PhD student, Mila, University of Montreal


Julie Hussin,

PhD Bertin

IVADO assistant professor, Faculty of Medicine, Université de Montréal


Andy Manel

AI District Fellow Assistant


Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is eligible?

-Background in Life Science (Processes of the cell, transcription, RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, protein construction/interaction, mutations/SNP/GWAS) -Experience in Coding (You should know some programming language already) -Language of instruction is Python -Preference will be given to those who are already in teams (2-3 people)

Once accepted, how long will the program last?

Start: January 20th End: April 13th

Do I need to be part of Concordia University to get access to District 3’s services?

Our services are open to all individuals who are looking to discover innovation and entrepreneurship.

Does District 3 charge fees, take equity or claim intellectual property?

Your intellectual property remains your own, and we don’t take equity or charge any fees.

How many hours per week is the program?

You must be capable to commit to 15 hours/week, 3 hours of workshops and 12 hours additional work per week.